Developing an Age-friendly Project

We can support people who have good ideas about how to make their community more age-friendly, even if you have never done anything like this before.

Click here to download the step-by-step guide to submitting a project proposal

The Age-Friendly Burnage partnership controls an Age-friendly Investment Fund that it can use to support a variety of community projects. The Age-friendly Burnage board support the development of projects and decide which projects should be funded.

The Age-friendly Investment Fund comes from this comes from ‘The Big Lottery Fund’, and they have quite strict rules about how the money is allowed to be spent. The fund is designed for small projects (under £2,000) that do something that hasn’t been done in Burnage before. The Big Lottery are focused on sustainability, and projects should either make a lasting change in the neighbourhood and be able to support themselves financially once the Age-friendly Burnage funding ends.

Who can apply?
Anyone who has a good idea! There is no restriction about who can apply or their previous experience running community projects. We have worked with older people who have never applied for funding before, and can offer support to anyone who needs it. We will help individual who want to develop a project to partner up with an existing organisation who can support them with and help manage the finances. if needed.

What can’t the fund be spent on?

  • The continuation of an existing community group or activity. including those previously funded by Age-friendly Burnage (although we can support existing groups to try new things).
  • Ongoing staffing costs for any group or organisation
  • Employing a fundraiser or costs involved in developing a larger grant application.
  • Individual care costs
  • Alterations to private dwellings.
  • One-off trips or holidays
  • Major construction projects (new buildings, extensions to existing buildings)
  • Gifts, items to be sold/raffled, donations

What can the fund be spent on?
Pretty much everything else! There is no set guidelines for what projects should be funded, just that it should reduce or prevent social isolation among older people in Burnage.

Most of the projects we have funded so far fall into one of the following categories:

  • Setting up a new social club/activity
  • Expanding a current social club/activity
  • Activities to provide older people with new skills
  • New equipment for existing community groups
  • Hosting a one-off event to launch a broader project, group or collaboration
  • Making small changes to a community venue to make them more accessible to older people

Despite this, we are open to all ideas, even if they don’t fit into the categories above. If you are interested in developing a project, we can work with you to check that your project complies with the Big Lottery rules (See page 16 for step by step guide to developing a project)

How much money is available
The maximum we can spend up to £2,000 per project.

On very rare occasions we are able to spend up to £10,000 on a project. This requires a competitive tender with multiple quotes, for the project to be agreed by an external organisation (GMCVO). There needs to be a clear rationale for spending more than £2,000, which is the limit for the majority of projects the board will be willing to fund. Please contact us to discuss this before submitting an application over £2000 (see ‘contact us’ page)