Age Friendly Spoons and Ladle Open Day at Kingsburn Hall – 10th April

In March, the Age Friendly Burnage Partnership Board funded an open day for an age friendly afternoon tea at Kingsburn Hall.  Through discussions with local residents living around the Johnnie Johnson Estate, it was found that there were over 40 age-restricted properties but no community room.  A group of local older residents started to meet at Kingsburn Hall opposite the estate for afternoon tea on a Monday.  They wanted to encourage their neighbours to come out, some of whom they felt were socially isolated.

An action group of local older residents got together in partnership with Kingsburn Hall over several Monday afternoon teas to plan, prepare and advertise for an afternoon tea open day for older residents in their area.

The afternoon was a great success with afternoon tea being served, a table of crafts and a big raffle.  The day attracted over 60 older residents from the local area, some of whom met as neighbours for the first time on this day!

The group continue to meet every Monday for Spoons and Ladle afternoon tea from 12-1pm at Kingsburn Hall – Check it out!


Kingsburn Hall

814 Burnage Ln,


M19 1RS

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Age Friendly Burnage Action Week – Age Friendly Brunch at Westcroft 24th February

On Friday 24th February, the Age-Friendly Burnage team hosted an Age Friendly Brunch at Westcroft Community Centre.  The event brought together over 30 local residents and institutional partners to share the research findings from the action plan and to develop new ideas for projects in the area.

Come along to the next Age Friendly Burnage Action Planning Event (See side menu) to join in the conversation!


Age Friendly Burnage host Thursday Coffee Event at Burnage Community Centre

On the 16th February, the Age Friendly Burnage team organised a Thursday morning brunch which brought together members of the age-friendly Burnage board, local residents and community workers to engage in the action plan findings. Over 20 people came along to discuss and plan actions to address these findings.

From this day ideas and actions include:

Social Participation Finding 1: Older men report a lack of opportunity to take part in social activities in Burnage.

Action: Making contact with the Burnage Garden Village and working with them to develop an open community bowls group.

Outdoor and Building Spaces Finding 1: The central area of the Burnage ward is void of community assets and physical barriers make it difficult for its older residents to access others nearby.

Action: Develop an engagement and social event around the central area of the Burnage ward to engage older residents who are living in this area.

Housing Finding 2: There are not enough housing options within Burnage for older residents that adequately accommodate changing physical and social needs for later life.

Idea: Looking at a downsizing or adaptation process for older people living alone in housing that is not adapted to their needs but who don’t want to move because of their emotional attachment to their home and local area.

Respect & Social Inclusion 2: Many older residents in Burnage have reported feeling isolated due to the loss of their spouse and need social support.

Action: Local residents talked about developing a bereavement group in Burnage as a social support group for people who have lost their spouse.


These are some of the conversations and actions that are happening in Burnage.  For more information about the project or to get involved please come along to the next action plan brunch at Westcroft Community Centre on the 24th Feburary 2017 -10:30am-12:00pm.

Venue details:

Westcroft Community Centre

24-26 Westcroft Road,



M20 6EF

Hope to see you there!

The Age Friendly Burnage Team.