Previous and Current Events

This a live calendar of local age friendly activities that are happening in Burnage:

If you are a local community group running an age-friendly activity in Burnage and you cannot find it on this calendar, please contact Kat on 0161 247 5960 or email and we will update the calendar.

Future Projects:

 duckling on black soil during daytime Feed The Ducks

This is intended to be an intergenerational feed the ducks bi-annual event. It is designed to get the local people out into the parks and woodland. Educate children on wild life conservation and generate a feeling of friendship and community.

Make Do and Mend

We all have bits and pieces of items lying around collecting dust, this will enable people of all ages to get together as a community and use these spare parts to fix items that they would otherwise throw away. This will also encourage recycling and more responsible disposal of household items

 tools 1


Current Events

aim for stars 1 Aim For the Stars

This is an event that has gone into its 3rd week. It is very popular with the local children and is designed to encourage people of all ages to achieve their aspirations and bring like minded people together to do this.

Tea, Coffee and Natter

This is an ongoing event funded by donations from the community. It is quite well attended and gives local people a chance to natter and get to know each other better.

 coffee & chat 1