The Age-friendly Burnage Action Plan

The Burnage Age-Friendly Action Plan describes what it is like to be an older person Burnage, and what can be done to make these
experiences better.

The action plan is specific to Burnage, and created from four main sources of information

1. The voices of older people: We have spoken to hundred of older people in the last year about what it is like to live in Burnage through our various public events, workshops and interviews. These not only describe what people think about Burnage, but crucially what local people want to do to make it more age-friendly.

2. Census data: The 2011 census provides a lot of information about the residents of Burnage. We use this to compare the populations within different parts of Burnage, looking at issues like health, transport and demographics.

3. Urban Design analysis: We also look at how the built environment could affect peoples experience of the neighbourhood. This includes the distances people have to walk, where bus stops are and how accessible different buildings are for different groups.
4. Neighbourhood Surveys: We have collected over 100 surveys from local residents about their experiences of their community, and are collecting more all the time.

All of this information was drawn together as a set of findings by the Manchester Age-friendly Neighbourhoods teams before being tested and refined through a series of workshops in Spring 2017.